Poster presentations

In this 9th edition of the ICFFR the poster session will have a different format, entirely digital! We will not display paper posters, so please don't bring one!

The posters will need to be in the form of a 3-minute video that is self-explanatory. They will be presented to the audience in two ways:

  1. On the 1st and 3rd days of the conference (November 14th and 16th) the video-posters will be displayed in digital screens (16:9) in the Poster display area, in the Conference Hall. All the videos will be shown in loop during the entire day. These videos will have no sound!
  2. On the 3rd day of the Conference (November 16th) there will be 4 parallel sessions, in the 4 available Conference Rooms, where all the videos will be shown to the audience. These videos must be narrated as they will have sound.

Although it is not mandatory, we encourage you to use the conference template for poster presentations, that you can download here. In case you do not wish to use the template, please include the conference logo in your presentation (available here).

In order to record the 3-minute video, our suggestion is that you prepare a PowerPoint presentation with automatic slide advance and adjust it to be no more than 3 minutes in total.

The slides should have enough text for the audience to be able to understand the work that you are presenting. You can record it with narration for the presentation in the Rooms but remember that they will have no sound during the display in the digital screens in the poster area.

You can opt to produce just one video, if it has enough text to be self-explanatory without any sound. If not, we encourage you to record 2 different versions of the presentation, for each of the options described above.

If you need some help in recording with PowerPoint, please visit the following links:

Please use the video format “MP4”. If you send it in any other format, we will have to convert it for compatibility issues, and we will not be responsible in case of quality or content loss.

Please rename the file with the code of your presentation, followed by an underscore and your last name.

  • For example: DSST_P01_Viegas.mp4

You can find your code in the conference web site or in the Whova mobile app (“My sessions”).

IMPORTANT: We kindly ask you to have your video poster ready at latest by 7 AM of Sunday the 13th of November, and to upload it to:

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