Oral presentations

Each oral presentation has allocated fifteen (15) minutes in the sessions’ programme. The speaker should not use more than twelve (12) minutes for its presentation, leaving three (3) minutes for a short discussion. The cooperation of all speakers in keeping to schedule is extremely important!

Speakers should use Microsoft PowerPoint and prepare their presentation to be shown in a Windows based PC (16:9). Please notice that you will not be able to use your own PC. Be sure to convert every video or animation to a windows compatible format. If your videos are not embedded in the presentation, also provide them to the organization. As an alternative, speakers can use Acrobat “pdf” files (as long as they have no videos or animations).

All presentations must be in the corresponding room PC before the session starts. There will be no interruptions during the sessions to load late show presentations. It is strongly recommended that the speakers check the compatibility of their support material with the conditions available in the Session room, in order to avoid loss of time and efficiency during the presentations.

Although it is not mandatory, we encourage you to use the conference template for oral presentations, that you can download here. In case you do not wish to use the template, please include the conference logo in your presentation (available here).

Please be sure to rename the file with the code of your presentation, followed by an underscore and your last name.

  • For example: DSST01_Viegas.pptx

You can find your code in the conference web site or in the Whova mobile app (“My sessions”).

IMPORTANT: We kindly ask you to have your PowerPoint ready at the latest at 7AM of the day you are presenting, and upload it to: https://adaicloud.quickconnect.to/sharing/AWVQOEKRn

Please bring it also with you, just in case! This will help us have all the presentations ready at the Session Rooms and avoid loss of time!

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