ICFFR Zero Carbon Footprint

Considering the climate changes that have been observed which have driven to an increase in the severity of forest fires around the world, the 9th edition of the ICFFR will include a program designated as " ICFFR Zero Carbon Footprint". This program pursues a policy of reducing and offsetting the carbon emissions caused by the conference.

This program will have three steps of implementation. The first consists in the determination of the carbon dioxide emissions resulting from the travels of the participants, using an application that is being developed for this purpose in the project TRIPLE C (www.triplecproject.eu). The total emissions will be converted into compensation measures that will be reflected in the planting of the corresponding number of trees in the area burnt in the large fire event that occurred in the protected area of Serra da Estrela (Portugal). The reforestation action will take place symbolically during the ICFFR Study Tour, with subsequent continuity on a date to be defined, involving local communities.

As part of this new conscientious step that the ICFFR is taking, we decided not to print certificates of presence or communication. Instead, we will email the PDFs to the participants when the Conference is finished.

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