Travelling from Porto to Coimbra

If you chose to travel to Portugal directly through the Airport of Oporto please have in mind that although this Airport is closer to Coimbra it may have less connecting flights to most international centres. If you are flying to Oporto you can pick a connecting flight to Lisbon but this will not save you time. The Oporto Airport is located about 18 km from the city centre. You can find info about the Oporto Airport here:

You can find detailed info on how to get to the city centre here:

We suggest the following alternatives to travel from Oporto to Coimbra to participate in the Conference:

1. By train(recommended)

From Oporto Airport you have to go to the Town Centre, to the “Campanhã” train station. To do this you can take a taxi (about 30 Euros) or you can take the surface metro (subway). The subway stops just in front of the Airport. You should take the Line E (Violeta or purpleLine). Click for more info:

The trip to Campanhã Station takes about 33 minutes and costs 2 Euros (Single travel ticket, Zone 4). Subway works from 06h00 till 01h30. In CAMPANHÃ train station look for the ticket office for the ALFA train (full name is Alfa Pendular) or IC (Intercidades) train. Hourly trains connect Oporto and Lisbon (except at night), and they all stop in Coimbra. It takes one hour to travel to Coimbra by ALFA and up to two hours by IC train. You can check the train time chedule here:

If you prefer, you can download the pdf of the time table.

When you arrive at Coimbra B Station you may take another local train for the centre of the city but the best way to reach your Hotel directly is to pick a taxi, a Uber or on foot (1,3 km ~ 15’). The ride should cost less than 8 Euros and can take four persons. A supplement may be required for the luggage.

2.Renting a shuttle

Renting a shuttle can be a good choice if you come in groups. In Coimbra there are at least 2 companies providing this service:

Coimbra Airport Shuttle -


You can also try Shuttle Direct -

3.Renting a Car

Renting a car at the Airport is quite easy and there are several options.

Click here for more information on car rental companies operating at Oporto Airport

4.Renting a Taxi or a Uber

Renting a taxi or a Uber can be relatively expensive. It has the advantage of taking you directly to your hotel. A taxi from Lisbon to Coimbra could cost around 250 Euros. A Uber can cost around 125€. You should check the prices before using these services.

There is a Tourist Office in the Arrivals Hall where you can buy a “taxi voucher”. We advise that you pay in advance for the taxi and avoid any problems or surprises when paying at the destination.

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