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To access the event platform of the Conference, you have to be a registered user.
If you have already register for an event in the Conference, you can recover your password.
If you are not a registered user, please follow these instructions.
Fill out the form with your personal data. Please make sure that you are using a valid email address and that your password includes at least 8 characters.
After filling in your data, please click "Forward" and move to the next step in your registration. Your registration will be valid after you click "Finish" in Step 5. If the form has any errors, they will appear on top of the page and the incorrect fields will have a different background colour and a help icon. After all errors have been corrected, please click "Forward" again.

IMPORTANT: Please fill in your name in the following format: FirstName MiddleName LastName. For Example "Domingos Xavier Viegas". Do not capitalize all name. Do not place last name first.
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