Theme 1 - Fire Risk Management


Topics: Fire Risk Assessment, Fire Risk Communication, Climate Change, Cascade effects, Firefighting training


Oral presentations


Title: A model for identifying blow-up fire potential

Code: FRM_01

Presenter: Jason Sharples

Author(s): Jason Sharples*, Rick McRae, Rachel Badlan.

*UNSW Canberra, Australia



Title: A universal rate of spread index for Australian fuel types

Code: FRM_02

Presenter: Jason Sharples

Author(s): Jason Sharples*, Mona F. Z. Bahri, Stephen Huntley.

*UNSW Canberra, Australia



Title: Assessing the increase in wildfire occurrence with climate change and the uncertainties associated with this projection

Code: FRM_03

Presenter: Hélène Fargeon

Author(s): Hélène Fargeon*, Martin-StPaul Nicolas, François Pimont, Miquel De Cáceres, Julien Ruffault, Thomas Opitz, Denis Allard, Jean-Luc Dupuy.

*INRA, France



Title: Assessment of wildfire exposure and vulnerability factors in Alvares, Góis. Integration of structural and dynamic factors at the local scale

Code: FRM_04

Presenter: Sandra Oliveira

Author(s): Sandra Oliveira*, Ana Gonçalves, Akli Benali, Ana Sá, José Luís Zêzere, José Miguel Cardoso Pereira.

*University of Lisbon, Portugal



Title: Calibration of the Canadian FWI System for the Territory of Europe

Code: FRM_05

Presenter: Daniela Sofia Alves

Author(s): Daniela Sofia Alves*, Luís Mário Ribeiro, Domingos Xavier Viegas.

*ADAI, Portugal



Title: Climate-induced variations in global severe fire weather conditions

Code: FRM_06

Presenter: W. Matt Jolly

Author(s): W. Matt Jolly*, Patrick Freeborn.

*US Forest Service, United States



Title: Evaluation of wildfire danger in the Peruvian Andes: First step for its reduction and adaptation

Code: FRM_07

Presenter: María Isabel Manta

Author(s): María Isabel Manta*, Roberto Kometter, Alexis Navia.

*Universidad Nacional Agraria La Molina, Peru



Title: Extreme weather conditions: The role of an heat wave on wildfires in Portugal

Code: FRM_08

Presenter: Joana Raquel Mendes Cação Parente

Author(s): Joana Raquel Mendes Cação Parente*, Mário G. Pereira, Malik Amraoui, E. M. Fischer.

*UTAD, Portugal



Title: Fire and climate change: from modelling results to adaptation strategies

Code: FRM_09

Presenter: Valentina Bacciu

Author(s): Valentina Bacciu*, Michele Salis, Costantino Sirca, Donatella Spano.

*Euro-Mediterranean Center on Climate Change Foundation, Italy



Title: Fires in Portugal on October, 15th 2017: a Catastrophic Evolution

Code: FRM_10

Presenter: Ilda Maria Sanfins Novo Villa Simões

Author(s): Ilda Maria Sanfins Novo Villa Simões*, Paulo Jorge Pinto, Célia M. Gouveia, João Rio.

*Instituto Português do Mar e Atmosfera, Portugal



Title: Generation and evaluation of ensemble simulations of wildfire spread for probabilistic forecast

Code: FRM_11

Presenter: Frédéric Allaire

Author(s): Frédéric Allaire*, jean-baptiste filippi, Vivien Mallet.

*INRIA Paris, France



Title: High Resolution Seasonal Forest Fire Danger mapping using WRF forecasts for Greece: A tool for forest fires prevention planning and fire risk management support

Code: FRM_12

Presenter: Vassiliki Varela

Author(s): Vassiliki Varela*, Diamando Vlachogiannis, Athanasios Sfetsos, Stelios Karozis, Nikolaos Gounaris, Angelos Sphyris.

*National Centre for Scientific Research "DEMOKRITOS", Greece



Title: Investigation of slope thresholds for flame attachment

Code: FRM_14

Presenter: Jason Sharples

Author(s): Jason Sharples*, Ross Edgar, Harvinder Sidhu.

*UNSW Canberra, Australia



Title: IPA Adriatic Holistic Forest Fire Protection Project - the year after

Code: FRM_13

Presenter: Darko Stipanicev

Author(s): Darko Stipanicev*, Ljiljana Seric, Damir Krstinic, Marin Bugaric.

*University of Split Faculty for El.Eng., Mech.Eng and Naval Arch., Croatia



Title: Modelling of the rate of fire spread in heterogeneous fuel beds based on experimental data

Code: FRM_15

Presenter: Miguel Figueiredo de Almeida

Author(s): Miguel Figueiredo de Almeida*, Domingos Xavier Viegas, Filipe Mendonça, Cinzia Fois, Abel Lopes.

*ADAI/CEIF, Portugal



Title: On the use of the land surface model SURFEX to predict live fine fuel moisture content

Code: FRM_18

Presenter: Yolanda Perez Ramirez

Author(s): Yolanda Perez Ramirez*, Lila Ferrat, Patrick Le Moigne, Valéry Masson, jean-baptiste filippi.

*Université de Corse, Spain



Title: Projecting changes in fire size and annual area burned from daily spread potential in Canada over the next century

Code: FRM_19

Presenter: Xianli Wang

Author(s): Xianli Wang*, Steve Taylor, Kala Studens, Marc-André Parisien, Jean-Noel Candau, Yan Boulanger, Diana Stralberg, Ginny Marshall, Mike Flannigan, John Little.

*Great Lakes Forestry Centre, Canada



Title: Protecting lives and property: testing tanker crew protection systems

Code: FRM_20

Presenter: Rachel Bessell

Author(s): Rachel Bessell*.

*Country Fire Authority, Australia



Title: Regional changes to extreme fires in forested and non-forested systems

Code: FRM_21

Presenter: Renaud Barbero

Author(s): Renaud Barbero*, John Abatzoglou.

*Irstea, France



Title: Simulating the effectiveness of prescribed burning at altering wildfire behaviour in Tasmania, Australia

Code: FRM_22

Presenter: James Furlaud

Author(s): James Furlaud*, GrantJ Williamson, David Bowman.

*University of Tasmania, Australia



Title: Simulating the potential for large wildfires in France

Code: FRM_23

Presenter: Renaud Barbero

Author(s): Renaud Barbero*, Anne Ganteaume, Thomas Curt, Marielle Jappiot.

*Irstea, France



Title: Temporal Variability of the Haines Index and its relationship with Forest Fire in Portugal

Code: FRM_24

Presenter: Lourdes Bugalho

Author(s): Lourdes Bugalho*.

*IPMA, Portugal



Title: The extreme weather conditions behind the destructive fires of June and October 2017 in Portugal

Code: FRM_25

Presenter: Miguel Pinto

Author(s): Miguel Pinto*, Alexandra Hurduc, Ricardo M. Trigo, Isabel Trigo, Carlos C. DaCamara.

*, Portugal




Title: The organisation of fire protection in disaster areas using as an example the case of Bialowieza Forest

Code: FRM_27

Presenter: Bartlomiej Kolakowski

Author(s): Bartlomiej Kolakowski*, Ryszard Szczygiel, Kwiatkowski Miroslaw.

*Forest Research Institute, Poland



Title: The role of fire size, geometry, and intensity, in "extreme" plume development

Code: FRM_28

Presenter: Rachel Badlan

Author(s): Rachel Badlan*, Jason Sharples, Jason Evans, Rick McRae.

*University of New South Wales Canberra, Australia



Title: The stand flammability classes

Code: FRM_29

Presenter: Bartlomiej Kolakowski

Author(s): Bartlomiej Kolakowski*, Ryszard Szczygiel, Kwiatkowski Miroslaw.

*Forest Research Institute, Poland



Title: Understanding the changing fire environment of south-west Western Australia

Code: FRM_30

Presenter: Lachlan McCaw

Author(s): Lachlan McCaw*.

*Biodiversity and conservation science, Australia



Title: Veld fire mitigation strategy: A vision for an Innovative and integrated approach to managing risks in land reform farms, a case of land reform beneficiaries in South Africa.

Code: FRM_31

Presenter: Siviwe Shwababa

Author(s): Siviwe Shwababa*, Agoston Restas, Andries Jordaan.

*University of Free State Bloemfontein South Africa, South Africa



Title: Wildfire occurrence estimation in Spanish regions based on Land Use-Land Cover interfaces and biophysical variables

Code: FRM_32

Presenter: Lara Vilar

Author(s): Lara Vilar*, Jesús Garrido, Sixto Herrera, Joaquín Bedia, Marta Yebra, Pilar Echavarría, M.Pilar Martín.

*Spanish National Research Council (CSIC), Spain



Title: Wildfire susceptibility mapping in Liguria (Italy). Comparison of statistical driven partitioning and Machine Learning approach

Code: FRM_33

Presenter: Paolo Fiorucci

Author(s): Paolo Fiorucci*, Mirko D'Andrea, Guido Biondi, Lorenzo Campo, Silvia Degli Esposti, Marj Tonini.

*CIMA Research Foundation, Italy



Title: Wildfires, communities, and burn probability: toward a fire risk assessment

Code: FRM_34

Presenter: Sandy Erni

Author(s): Sandy Erni*, Xianli Wang, Sylvie Gauthier, Steve Taylor, Marc-André Parisien.

*Natural Resources Canada, Canada



Poster presentations


Title: Causes of forest fires in Federal Conservation Units of Brazil from 2006 to 2012

Presenter: Aline das Graças Costa

Author(s): Aline das Graças Costa*, Fillipe Tamiozzo Pereira Torres, Gumercindo Souza Lima, Milton Ribas da Silva Júnior, Gleidson de Araújo Félix, José Cola Zanuncio.

*Universidade Federal de Viçosa, Brazil



Title: Cohesive forest fire management within an imperfect information environment: a review of risk handling and Decision Support Systems actually in use

Presenter: Abílio Pereira Pacheco

Author(s): Abílio Pereira Pacheco*, João Claro, Paulo Fernandes, Richard de Neufville, Tiago M. Oliveira, José G. Borges, José Coelho Rodrigues.

*INESC TEC and FEUP, Universidade do Porto, Portugal


Title: Main Driving Factors for Wildfires in the Estrela Geopark Territory

Presenter: Lucas Cezar

Author(s): Lucas Cezar*, Hugo Torres, Emanuel de Castro

*Associação Geopark Estrela, Portugal

Title: Monitoring of Forest Fire Risk Conditions in Portugal with NOAA/NESDIS Satellite-based Vegetation Health Index

Presenter: Lourdes Bugalho

Author(s): Lourdes Bugalho*, Natalia Camara, Felix Kogan.

*IPMA, Portugal



Title: Post fire dynamics regeneration of vegetation in the burnt forest in the region of ROUI (North-west of Tunisia)

Presenter: Kais Abdelmoula

Author(s): Kais Abdelmoula*


*INRGREF, Tunisia



Title: The Australian Fire Overrun Facility

Presenter: Justin Leonard

Author(s): Justin Leonard*, Raphaele Blanchi, Glenn Newnham.

*CSIRO, Australia



Title: Wildfires in Czechia fuelled by landscape and climate changes

Presenter: Martin Mozny

Author(s): Martin Mozny*, Lenka Hajkova, Miroslav Trnka.

*Czech Hydrometeorological Institute, Czech Republic




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